finish natural light

Natural or Light Finish

The natural or light finish is beautiful; however, the natural characteristics of the wood species are more evident. They may show mineral streaks from a tree having absorbed minerals from the environment where it grew. Mineral streaks may appear in various shades and may be quite noticeable. Grain characteristics can vary from straight grain to noticeable irregular patterns, even to occasional knots. These natural flaws such as knots, grain variations, colors and mineral streaks (some extreme, especially in Hickory Wood) can be more evident from one door to another and from one drawer to another; sometimes even in the door panel.

Painted Finishes

Painted Finish on a Wood Door/Cabinet

Vittitow Cabinets, Inc uses only the highest quality solid hardwoods and hardwood veneer. Due to its inherent character, wood will naturally expand and contract. The wood, in a sense, breathes depending on the moisture level of the cabinet environment. When the humidity is high, the doors and cabinets will expand. When the humidity is low, the cabinets will contract. The paint which is on top of the wood surface, cannot expand and contract with the wood. Therefore, the surface may show finish cracks at the joints of cabinet frames, doors and drawers. These cracks in no way affect the wear of the finish.

Glazed Finishes

Glazed Finishes

The “Glaze” finishes are translucent finishes that only mask the full range of color and grain variations. The beauty of the artistic glazing is the variation achieved from the random buildup of glaze in the various areas of the cabinet, doors and drawers. Because each door and cabinet is individually hand rubbed and due to the variation of the grain within each wood species, some areas will be more evident than others. These variations are what makes the glazing finish unique. Characteristics of glazed finishes are:

  • Opaque finish build-up in the open grain and in areas where it is difficult to wipe the wood surface completely.
  • Opaque artistic variations over painted and stained doors and cabinet surfaces. No two doors, drawers, or cabinets will be alike.
Finish Matching Paint Stain

Matching Paint/Stain Finishes

Vittitow Cabinets, Inc special finish program is intended to be used to create stain/paint colors for entire orders or when adding to an existing job of Vittitow Cabinets, Inc that has aged or changed slightly in color. We would like to point out that when placing new cabinetry “up to” or “in between” existing cabinetry, finish cannot be guaranteed to match exactly. New cabinetry can only blend closely with existing cabinetry. This portion of the information sheet must be accompanied by an approved door sample of your order. Your cabinets will be made to match the samples finish. There will still be wood grain and hue variations in stained finishes, because no two trees are alike.

Finish Matching Paint Stain

Distressed Wood

Distressing cabinets gives your Painted or Stained Finish an aged or weathered look. This
changes appearance of your cabinets to the look that you are desiring