Wood Species

Vittitow carries a wide variety of woods to fit our customers needs. We help the customer select the best species of wood for each project.

Alder is characterized by it’s straight grain and even texture.
A color range of light brown with reddish hues often looks similar to cherry.

Cherry is moderately heavy, hard and strong.
It ranges in color from white to red and on to a deep, rich brown. The natural wood color of cherry will darken in time.

Hickory is a dense, heavy wood with both closed and open wood grain.
The coloring of this wood is white to chocolate brown. This wood is known to have mineral streaks and random knots.

Maple is a dense fine grained wood. Maple varies in color from white to cream into a light brown.
It may exhibit bird’s eyes, curly grain and may contain small black mineral streaks.

Red Oak
Red Oak is a very hard, heavy and strong wood. It is an open grained wood that ranges in color from salmon pink to white.
Oak wood may contain knots and wild veins that are a natural characteristic of the wood.

Walnut is a rare wood, but is durable and strong.
Light to chocolate brown, it contains burls, butts and curls.